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In 2010 when we created the name Body Sick Brothers Sàrl, based on the restoration of American cars and body kits transform fiberglass. Step by step, the small custom painting department has taken more and more magnitude to constitute most of 90% requests of our customers.


The quality of work is our motto. We work with passion, being attentive to the wishes of our customers. Diversity, originality, accuracy, thirst for knowledge and new techniques allow us to respond to a panel applications more varied, both in the freehand airbrushing or designs, flakes, gold and silver leafing blend with finesse. We also work in the field of surface plating such as wood, plastic, glass or other materials that we can give gold effects, copper, etc ...


These specifications led us to collaborate with a number of custom builder in the motorcycle world transformation. Our offer is now extended in the field of interior architecture and sculpture, with our unique plating technique.


Hoping to someday meet your most unusual requests, we wish you a pleasant visit.










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